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AES Engineering Scholarship 2020

AES Engineering Scholarship 2020

AES Engineering believes that the test of Character and Creativity should be the basis of awarding scholarships and not the acquisition of Higher grade point. That’s what led to the AES Engineering Scholarship. However, the AES Engineering scholarship 2020 is available to high school graduating seniors for college education in a variety of subjects and not just engineering.

AES Scholarship is encouraging students that have what it takes to change the world but are afraid because of their grade point to come out and face their future. We bring this good news to your doorstep.

If you think you can, then you can. High school seniors and all students attending a post-secondary educational facility are all invited to apply.

In this post, we will share with you all you need to know about the AES Engineering Scholarship 2020 in the USA. This will include (but not limited to) the worth of the scholarship and how to go about your AES Engineering scholarship application. We will also answer some frequently asked questions on the subject.

About AES Engineering Scholarship

AES Engineering scholarship is an initiative of AES Engineering. This is an engineering company that has been a leader over time in providing distinctive resources and business solutions based on customer demand. AES in its dynamicity and diversification helps its clients achieve their goals through the application of innovative technologies and management techniques.

In addition to product development, AES also provides Training Programs. Their Reliability Engineering Principles course grooms engineers on how to use equipment failure data to reduce the high cost of unreliability.

While AES go about their corporate business, they also provide this scholarship to assist students to climb up the ladder of a great career. Providing a $500 scholarship award to graduating high school students, AES engineering hopes to motivate students to further their education.

Level/Field of Study

The AES Engineering Scholarship is designed for high school seniors and all students attending a post-secondary educational facility in any field of Life/Study.

Host Nationality

United States has the highest number of Scholarship opportunities in the world. AES Engineering Scholarship is another USA based scholarship opportunity. It is not available in any other part of the world.

Eligible Nationality

Are you a Black American, American Citizens, Filipinos, Latinos, Hispanic Student in the USA? Then the AES Engineering Scholarship is for you.

However, If you are an international student and you wish to study in the United States of America, then the best scholarships obtainable for study in the United States of America is for you.

Scholarship Worth

AES Engineering Scholarship Winner will get an opportunity to receive $500 amount of scholarship.

However, winning the scholarship award may not be easy as AES awards only one winner out of the pool of applications they receive.

You will see previous winners of the AES Engineering scholarship further down this post.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the AES Engineering Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be or are passionate to become a future leader enrolling for an undergraduate degree in any field of study;
  • Be a high school senior or (a student) attending a post-secondary education facility; and
  • You are not under any obligation to study an Engineering Program/Course.

Application Deadline

The deadline for the receipt of applications for the 2020 AES Engineering Scholarship is October 5, 2020.

If you need more information on this scholarship, visit the official scholarship website below.

AES Engineering Scholarship Winners

The AES Engineering scholarship has supported diverse students in the USA towards an undergraduate degree in accredited universities in the USA since its inception to date.

Here is a list of the AES Engineering Scholarship Winners from 2006 to date.

  • 2006 – Allyson Rinderle, to study at Yale University
  • 2007 – Daniel Garcia, to study Molecular Biology at Harvey Mudd College
  • 2008 – Kierra Scott, to study medicine at Ohio State University
  • 2009 – Jessica Martin, to study Journalism at the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith
  • 2010 – Cedric Grant, to study at the College of Environmental Design in University of California, Berkeley
  • 2010 – Tiffany Bystra, to study Occupational Therapy at Western Michigan University
  • 2011 – Maggie Hollander, to study Computer Engineering at Iowa State University
  • 2012 – Steven Cassidy, to transfer to Southern Utah University
  • 2013 – Stacey Vargas, to study Architectural Engineering
  • 2013 – Sierra Houk, to study Digital Design at Seattle University
  • 2014 – Connie Tran, to study Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Arizona
  • 2015 – Christian Pappas, to study Environmental Engineering
  • 2016 – Danielle Stout, to study Criminology, Sociology, and Psychology at Capital University in Columbus
  • 2017 – LaShon Smiley, to study Radiology in Boward College, and
  • 2018 – Melanie Murphy, to study Elementary School Education in Missouri.
  • 2019– McKenna Fant who is studying Human Biology at N. Greenville University.
  • 2019McKenna Griffin who will be studying towards a BSc at the University of N. Carolina.

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