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Bartender Jobs Available in Singapore ūüáłūüá¨>>>>APPLLY NOW

Bartender Jobs Available in Singapore ūüáłūüá¨>>>>APPLLY NOW

A bartender (which is also known as a barkeep, barmaid, barman, tapster, bar chef,mixologist, flairman, alcohol server or an alcohol chef) is an individual who formulates and serves alcoholic or soft drink beverages behind the bar which is usually in a licensed establishment.

Bartenders also ensure to maintain the supplies and record for the bar. A bartender can mostly mix classic cocktails such as a Cosmopolitan, Old Fashioned, Manhattan and Mojito.

Bartenders are usually responsible for checking that consumers meet the legal drinking age requirements before serving them any alcoholic beverages. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Sweden, bartenders are legally authorized to refuse more alcohol to drunk customers.

Bartending was seen as a profession with a low reputation. It was observed through the lens of ethical issues and various legal restraints related to the serving of alcohol.

The bartending career was generally a second occupation, used as provisional work for students to achieve customer experience or to save money for university fees. The motive for this is because bartenders in tipping countries such as Canada and the United States make significant money from their tips.

The view of bartending as a career is changing rapidly around the world however bartending has become a profession by choice rather than requirement. It now includes specialized education.

Cocktail competitions such as World Class and Bacardi Legacy have recognized gifted bartenders in the past decade and these bartenders and others have help spread the love of cocktails drinks and hospitality throughout the world.

There are difficulties with becoming a prolific bartender, comparing yourself to the drink you make: “In drinks you want balance and you have to be balanced emotionally, physically and mentally.

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