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Check Out FUNAAB Post UTME Past Question And Answers 2020



Check Out FUNAAB Post UTME Past Question And Answers 2020

Admission into the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta FUNAAB is very competitive and therefore requires adequate preparations. One of the strategies that help candidates hit a good cut-off mark is studying the FUNAAB Post UTME Past Question and Answers consistently.

A lot of candidates can attest to how our Post Utme Past questions have helped them secure admission into the institutions of their choice. So, you are lucky to stumble on this information because you will have access to these questions too.

However, we have compiled the questions in a way that you can easily assess the subject of your choice. For example, if you need Physics past questions and answers, you carefully select ‚ÄėPhysics‚Äô and access all the questions you need.

Additionally, it is expected that prospective Funaab students know a little about the school structure including the school fees and the basic requirements for the screening exercise.


The Federal University of Agriculture is a Federal government institution located in Abeokuta. Funaab actually started their Post Utme screening exercise a few years ago. The school is one of the top-ranking institutions in Nigerian and that is the reason for their low acceptance rate.

The school selects the best brains and that is why every aspiring student is encouraged to put in a lot of effort in preparations for the institution Post Utme screening exercise.

FUNAAB Fee Structure

The table below shows the fee structure of the prestigious University. However, students are advised to pay their fees on time as late payments attract extra charges.


Once you are offered provisional admission into Funaab, you are eligible to apply for scholarships for Nigerian students and also scholarships for International Students

What is the Nature of FUNAAB Post Utme Exams?

To gain admission into the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) whether as Direct Entry or UTME, you must pass the school Screening Exercise.

  • ¬†The POST UTME exams is a Computer Based Test (CBT)
  • ¬†Past Questions Available are from the Final Pre Degree Exams, which gives you an insight into what the exams will be like.
  • Subject to be taken by Science students include 10 questions each from Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology
  • ¬†Management Student subjects include random questions from Maths, English, and Economics only (50 questions)
  • The time for the screening exercise is about 30 minutes.
  • To calculate your current score, before POST-UTME, you divide your JAMB score by 8.

Funaab Post UTME Exams Guide

Post UTME exam is an extension of the JAMB test in which candidates are expected to pass in order to gain admission into any higher institution within Nigeria. Therefore, to get a high score in Funaab Post UTME exams, the strategies you should take are as follows.

  • ¬†Firstly, you have to obtain the Funaab UTME form
  • The next step is to get the Post Utme Past Question
  • Study all the materials required for the examinations especially the Funaab Post UTME exams past Questions and answers
  • The Screening Exercise is Computer-based¬†so, ensure that you read the instructions carefully before you attempt any questions.
  • It is advisable to start with the simpler questions
  • Avoid any form of examination malpractice.

Cutoff Mark for Funaab Post Utme

You are eligible for the screening exercise if you selected the institution as your preferred choice and scored a minimum of 180 cut-off marks and above in UTME JAMB are eligible for the screening exercise.

Once you meet off cut off mark 180, you have met the required score for a pass
which is 40%, but you will be offered admission as a Pre Degree student.

If you do not perform excellently, you might not be given the course of your choice unless your course is not competitive. Therefore, you have to obtain the Funaab Post Utme past questions to help you to prepare adequately.

Funaab Post Utme Sample Past Questions

Instructions: Attempt all questions.

The use of calculators and/or similar electronic devices is NOT allowed

In questions below, choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase underlined

1.  The culprits will surrender their loot to the customs officials. (A) give away (B) give out (C) give in (D) give up.

2.  The discussion became animated. (A) specialized (B) lively (C) intellectual (D)unruly

3.  Olu promised to look out for her next time he is in town(A)  watch for (B)  visit (C)  greet(D) take care of

4.  Finally, I assured him that I would not go back on my word.(A) return to a place(B) return to a certain word when reading(C) re-use my word (D) fail to keep my promise

5.   The speaker took his audience down memory lane before he went to the topic of his lecture. (A)  took his audience on a journey through a street called Memory Lane(B) recalled events from the past(C) told a tale about a place called Memory Lane(D) gave an outline of his lecture

Choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letters underlined.

6.  faeces (A) polices(B)pain(C)peasant(D)pear

7.  pot (A)port(B) word(C) correct(D) what

8.  leopard (A)geology(B) people(C)leaven(D)led (Noun)

9. The sum of all factors of 17?  A. 17  B. 18  C. 20  D. 21

10. Find the product of the LCM and HCF of 3 and 15.  A. 15  B. 30  C. 45 D. 60

11. Express 0.25 as a fraction¬† A. ¬Ĺ¬† B. 1/5¬† C. ¬ľ¬† D. 2/5

12. In a basket containing 20 oranges, 12 are good. What fraction is bad?¬† A. 2/5¬† B. 3/5¬† C. 8/11¬† D. ¬ľ

13. 12.5% of a number is 50, find the number?  A. 400  B. 500  C. 6.25  D. 800

14. 12.5% of a number is 50, find the number?  A. 400  B. 500  C. 6.25  D. 800

15.  The current life expectancy in Nigeria is (A)55 (B)47 (C)39 (D) 51 (E) 45

16.  Yumu and Zabara are ethnic groups in (A) Kebbi State (B)Benue State (C) Niger State (D) Kano State (E)Edo State

17.  Mr Dele Giwa was killed through a letter bomb on (A) October 19, 1986 (B) September 17, 1987 (C)October 19, 1986 (D) September 17, 1986 (E)October 19, 1987

18. The following are spices except (A)Rye (B) Saffron (C)Ginger (D)Cloves (E) Nutmeg

19. Desmond Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in (A)1983 (B)1987(C)          2001(D) 2000(E)1984

20. Victoria is the capital city of (A) Somalia (B) Morocco (C) Seychelles (D) Burundi (E)Lesotho

How Much Is Funaab Post Utme Screening Form?

The Funaab Post Utme Screening form is sold for Two Thousand Naira (N2,000.00) only, excluding REMITA charges. The screening form can be obtained in the school designated banks anywhere.

Also, you should ensure to print out the application form displaying your passport photographs because you will present it on the day of the screening.


Knowing the tips on how to approach your Funaab Post Utme exams gives you an edge over other candidates who are not informed. But that is not enough, remember one of the best quotes that say ‚ÄĚKnowlege is the key to success‚ÄĚ. Therefore, it will be an error for you to get these tips and do not obtain the post UTME screening past question.

Actually, the essence of these past questions is to let prepare you for the screening and also give you a clue on what you should expect in your first-year examinations in school. So, if you study the UTME past questions carefully and answer the questions correctly, you will pass your Post Jamb with a great score that will earn you your desire course.

Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta  is a highly competitive university. Only a little portion of the total number of students who apply to the university gains admission. The secret to the selection of the successful student is the Past Questions.
We have discovered that over the years, Funaab repeat their past questions. If you get this past question, you will be better equipped to pass the Post-UTME in one sitting and be among those selected for admission.
We have gathered past questions and answers dating as far back as the year 2010 and have discovered that most of the questions are repeated. So, we are assuring you that the questions you get when you purchase this Funaab Past Questions and Answers are real past questions which you will likely encounter on the exam day.
How to Get the Funaab POST UTME Past Questions and Answers.
The Funaab Post UTME past question cost N2,000 for your subject combination and to get it, follow the steps below:
STEP 1: Select Your Subject Combination
You will write the same subject combination you wrote in UTME for the Funaab Post-UTME. So, we have compiled the subject combination you wrote in UTME based on the course you applied for in Funaab.
Therefore, all you need do is specify the course you applied for in the description of your payment.
STEP 2: Select Your Payment Method
There are three methods of purchasing our original OAU Post UTME past questions and answer. They are:
1. Debit Card
2. Bank Transfer
3. Direct Bank Deposit
For any of the payment method above, you'll be paying into the account details below:
Account Name: Silicon Africa Tech Limited
Account Number: 0546392167
Bank Name: GT BANK
STEP 3: Confirmation of Payment
If you choose the Debit Card option, you'll input your card details and email address. Upon payment, you will get a mail of the past question you had selected in Step One.
If you choose Bank transfer, type in the description of payment: "The Type of Funaab Post UTME Past Question you're purchasing." e.g "Funaab Medicine and Surgery Past Question." Then contact the number below or email address with evidence of payment and you will get your Past Question instantly.
If you choose Direct Bank deposit, make payment to the account details above, then send the following information to the phone number or email below:
1. Depositors Name
2. Teller Number
3. Amount Paid
CONTACT DETAILS: 07012040283
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