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Various Hospitality Jobs in Dubai

Various Hospitality JobsĀ in Dubai šŸ‡¦šŸ‡Ŗ Available For All Nation šŸŒŽ>>APPLY NOW

The word hospitality can be refers to the relationship that’s between a guest and a host, whereby the host receives the guest with goodwill which includes the reception and entertainment of visitors, guests or strangers.

They areĀ many jobs in the hospitality industryĀ thatĀ involveĀ oneĀ dealingĀ with customers face to face in a variety of ways.Ā Though thereĀ are also behind the scenes jobs which include positions like sales, marketing, and accounting. Food services jobsĀ areĀ also available inĀ the hospitality industry which includes wait staff and food preparation jobs.

There areĀ alsoĀ management-level jobs across these areas which includes hotelĀ managers and executive chefs. Many jobs are entry level, but in the hospitality industry is an area where youĀ climb the ladder to a managerial role accompaniedĀ with more responsibilities, along with a higher salary.

Common Hospitality Job Titles

The followingĀ areĀ list of some of the most common job titlesĀ that are within the hospitality industry. Concierge: He interact directly with theĀ guests and ensure he provide them with variousĀ services, thisĀ  considered aĀ entry level job in some organizational and mightĀ require years of experience and he must be a problem solver.

Event Planner: AnĀ event planner is an individualĀ that arrange an event and ensureĀ the smooth running or process of the event which range fromĀ meetings to weddings

Executive Chef:Ā This is a managerial roleĀ whichĀ involves lot of work in the hospitality industry,Ā heĀ supervisesĀ the food operations inĀ hotels,Ā restaurants,Ā casinosĀ orĀ otherĀ venuesĀ whereĀ foodĀ is being served.

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