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Kaduna State University Post Utme 2020

Kaduna State University Post Utme 2020

This article is written to help show you some of what you should expect in your Kaduna State post utme. The KASU post utme past questions will help you lay off the most things you fear concerning this exam.

In fact, it might interest you to know that the worst things you fear about this exam will never happen. You fear the exam questions will be difficult. You fear the examiners will be too hard on you and all other kinds of stuff.

I understand all of those fears. Yes, I used to have the same fears too. But I found something that helped me scale above my fears. That is what I’m going to share with you in the next few lines

I can bet, this is obviously the biggest thing you will read this year! The first reason is that it is the best guide you will ever find on how to successfully apply and gain admission into your dream school, to study your dream course.

With our Post Utme Past Questions, I bet you, you sure have nothing to worry about.

The rest of the reasons, I won’t lie, it’s definitely more expensive than what you would want to pay for- You are going to discover hacks that will grant you the admission you are looking for effortlessly.

You can be sure your journey to your glorious career begins here! Interesting, isn’t it? So carefully read through this article to get all it promises to offer.

KASU Admission Post-Utme

PostUtme is the post jamb screening that the University or Polytechnic of your choice will conduct after the JAMB exam. This is a method for filtering and selecting candidates for admission.

So it is important to know that Kaduna State University, like many other tertiary institutions around the country conduct post utme for their prospective students. You should note that you must meet the school Jamb cut-off mark and admission requirements before you can register and sit for PUTME.

I honestly have no idea when the school started their post utme but I can tell you ever since the school started, it has been admitting students. Each year, over 2000 students are admitted.

What to expect in the KASU post utme

There is honestly so much to expect in this exam but I will only give you a tip of the iceberg here. But if you want the full gist of what to look out for in the coming KASU post utme, endeavor to patiently read to the end.

I will share in details what the nature of the KASU post utme is like later on in the post but for now, you should just know that your exam will comprise of four different sections which will comprise of English language, and three other subjects depending on the course you entered for.

Continue reading to discover more.

Kaduna State University Admission Post-utme Requirements

What you will find here are some of the requirements you will need to meet to successfully apply and be eligible for admission into Kaduna State University.

One thing you must understand is that admission requirements into various departments may differ. It will largely depend on your preferred course or faculty.

But nevertheless, I have compiled useful details on how to go about your admission, find them below:

Kaduna State University Admission Requirements For Undergraduates

Admission Requirements 100 level students:

If you are a prospective year one student or you want to pursue a pre-degree program in KASU, here is a guide that will pull you through.

  •  As a prospective candidate, you must have credit passes in at least five (5) SSCE/NECO/ O’level subjects including English, Mathematics and three other relevant subjects at no more than two sittings.
  • You are also required to register, sit for and attain the prescribed JAMB cut-off mark for your preferred course. Then you can be eligible to write the entrance examination (Post-UTME)

How do I register for the KASU post-utme?

If you are having some sort of confusion on how to apply for the KASU post utme, carefully read this part, it will guide you.

It is important before you can register for KASU PUTME, you must visit the school portal https://www.kasu.edu.ng/ to know whether the registration has commenced and to know when the portal will be closed.

The registration and application cost is usually ₦2,000 according to JAMB. However, the school may add some extra charges and the bank too may collect their own charge too.

Follow the guideline below:

  •  Visit https://forms.kasu.edu.ng from your computer OR Any Mobile Device OR simply use KASU Android Application (available on Google Playstore).
  •  Click on the Login Button (Green Button). Username is your Jamb Number (For Example 12345678BG). Password is your Jamb Number excluding the First and Last Character (For Example 2345678B).
  • Click on the link “Proceed with Payment” to generate your payment details. Click “Pay Via Interswitch” i.e. green at the top of the page. Proceed with payment.
  • After Successful Payment, Logout of your account & wait for like 10 minutes, then log back in and continue your registration.

For any inquiry or complaint please send a mail to: putme@kasu.edu.ng and support@kasu.edu.ng .

After you have successfully applied, keep visiting the school’s official site for information on your exam date. Endeavor to stay updated so you don’t miss your exam.

Cut off marks for different departments in KASU

Below is a table that shows you some of the cut-off marks of certain departments in KASU.

Agricultural Sciences170
Environmental Sciences170
Management Sciences170
Social Sciences170
Pharmaceutical Sciences200

What is the nature of KASU post-utme?

I must have to be very frank with you, KASU post-utme questions are very difficult. This is true because the school is highly competitive. Usually, over 7,000 students apply for the exam but only less than 2000 regularly get admission.

That is why you will need a copy of our KASU post utme past questions and answers.

Reasons why you need our past questions and answers

The first reason is that the school intentionally makes the questions very difficult so as to reduce the number of candidates that will pass the exam. You don’t also expect the invigilators to be friendly to you because they won’t. All their efforts are to frustrate you and ensure you don’t pass.

Also, remember there won’t be enough time for you. You will have about 100 questions to answer in less than 1 hour.

You will have four sections in your question paper: English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics (depending on your course).

How do you want to answer all of these under 60 minutes? How do you want to do it? You certainly won’t be able to finish up to a quarter when they will collect the answer sheet from you.

Here is why our past questions will help you.

KASU exam unit doesn’t have all the time to be setting fresh questions every year, so they repeat their questions from past years. All they do is just re-arrange the questions.

Our past questions and answers will expose to you some of the hidden secrets to pass the questions. After you must have practiced these questions, you will be certain to answer more than half of the questions before the exam time elapses.

This is because you will know the questions and their answers when you see the repeated ones.

For me, this was the miracle I had.

I studied my past questions and answers for two weeks and mastered almost all the questions and answers. When I entered the exam hall, I found out they repeated 30 questions from the ones I studied. Without wasting time, I jumped on the ones I knew and finished them before I started solving others.

I will offer you some of these questions for free but if you want the complete package, you will need to pay a token to get them. But before then see the sample questions here:

KASU sample past questions

Test yourself and find out how ready you are for the exam already. Try our sample KASU post utme past questions below.

1. Daughters receive their X-chromosome from their

(A)          father
(B)          mother
(C)          relative
(D)          siblings


2.          In bony fishes, the swim bladder is used for

(A)          adjusting the weight of the fish when swimming at different levels.
(B)          extracting oxygen from water which enters the mouth of the fish.
(C)          equalizing fluid pressures between the fish and the surrounding water.
(D)          absorbing more water when the fish is about to descend to a lower level


3.          The theory that new organs or characteristics develop in organisms when there is a need for them was postulated by

(A)          Charles Darwin
(B)          Wallace
(C)          Lean Lamarck
(D)          Gregor Mendel


4.          Ribosomes are found in all living cells.     What is their function?

(A)          cellular respiration
(B)          synthesis of proteins
(C)          excretion of waste products
(D)          intracellular transport


5.          Which of the following is NOT a function of the nucleus of a cell?

(A)          It controls the life processes of the cell
(B)          It translates genetic information for the manufacture of proteins
(C)          It stores and carries hereditary information
(D)          It is a reservoir of energy for the cell


6.          Cotton is almost pure

(A)          starch
(B)          protein
(C)          animal fibre
(D)          cellulose


7.          Lucas reagent is used to test for

(A)          alkanes
(B)          alkanoic acids
(C)          alkanols
(D)          amines


8.          An element X forms the following compounds with chlorine: XCl4, XCl3, XCl2. This illustrates the

(A)          law of multiple proportions
(B)          law of definite proportions
(C)          law of conservation of mass
(D)          law of chemical proportions


9.          The molecular formula of a common organic laboratory anesthetic is

(A)          CHCl3
(B)          CHI3
(C)          CCl4
(D)          CHF3


10.          Organic molecules that have the suffix-ene are unsaturated hydrocarbons that have

(A)          a single bond
(B)          double bond
(C)          a triple bond
(D)          an ionic bond


How to Get the KASU Post Utme Past Questions and Answers.

I have already told you the reasons why you need these past questions. Only a little portion of the total number of students who apply to the university gains admission and you don’t want to be in the number that will be denied admission.

We have gathered past questions and answers dating as far back as the year 2010 for you. The KASU Post UTME past question cost N2,000 for your subject combination and to get it, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Select Your Subject Combination

You will write the same subject combination you wrote in UTME for the KASU Post UTME. So, we have compiled the subject combination you wrote in UTME based on the course you applied for in KASU.

Therefore, all you need do is specify the course you applied for in the description of your payment.

STEP 2: Select Your Payment Method

There are three methods of purchasing our original KASU Post UTME past questions and answer. They are:

1. Debit Card

2. Bank Transfer

3. Direct Bank Deposit

For any of the payment method above, you’ll be paying into the account details below:

Account Name: Silicon Africa Tech Limited

Account Number: 0546392167

Bank Name: GT BANK

STEP 3: Confirmation of Payment

If you choose the Debit Card option, you’ll input your card details and email address. Upon payment, you will get a mail of the past question you had selected in Step One.

If you choose Bank transfer, type in the description of payment: “The Type of KASU Post UTME Past Question you’re purchasing.” e.g ” KASU Medicine and Surgery Past Question.” Then contact the number below or email address with evidence of payment and you will get your Past Question instantly.

If you choose Direct Bank deposit, make payment to the account details above, then send the following information to the phone number or email below:

1. Depositors Name

2. Teller Number

3. Amount Paid

CONTACT DETAILS: 07012040283

EMAIL: info@worldscholarshipforum.com

Other things you may need to know

Once you have confirmed the offer of your provisional admission into Kaduna State University, you are advised to pay your acceptance fee immediately without delay and also proceed to your faculty for clearance. You are to come with the following document:

  •  All original copies of your credentials; Jamb result, SSCE results, PUTME result slip
  • Jamb admission letter or jamb slip
  • Local government identification certificate
  • Certificate of birth
  • Come with many passports if possible come with 32 passports.

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