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Multiple Jobs Available In Aegon Netherland

Multiple Jobs Available In Aegon Netherland

Aegon is a multinational life insurance, pensions and asset Management Company with headquarter in The Hague, Netherlands. December 31,2017, Aegon companies has employed approximately 28,318 people worldwide and serving millions of customers.

The company businesses focus on life insurance and pensions, savings and asset management products. The company is also active in general insurance and accident,has limited banking activities and supplemental health insurance. Aegon has key operations in the United States (where it heavily represented through Transamerica and World Financial Group), the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In addition, Aegon is present in a number of other countries which includes Mexico, Brazil,Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain,Turkey, Japan, China, North America India and Canada.

August 3, 2011, Aegon USA declared that all its various businesses will be assembled under a single brand name called Transamerica. Transamerica’s key dealings are investments, life insurance and retirement. The company includes companies whose history goes back over 100 years and whose products and services have become popular throughout the US, which include Monumental Life Insurance Company and Life Investors Insurance Company of America.

AEGON. NV also operates a direct bank under the brand name”Knab” in the Netherlands. After it was founded in 2012 the bank came under condemnation for having the highest amount for any transaction account which can be compared to other Dutch banks. Knab replied by saying that other banks hid many of its costs in other products.

The company became the official sponsor of the Dutch football team AFC Ajax in a deal which last for seven years. Ajax’s uniform included the Aegon logo across the chest. Aegon became the third sponsor of Ajax (TDK sponsored Ajax since 1982 until 1991, and ABN AMRO also sponsored the team from 1991 till 2008). As of late 2008, Aegon as also sponsor the Lawn Tennis Association.

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