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Open Society University Network (OSUN) Research Hub In Eastern Africa Fellowship



Open Society University Network (OSUN) Research Hub In Eastern Africa Fellowship

The Open Society University Network (OSUN) Research Hub in Eastern Africa invites applicants to a 10-month research fellowship. Selected Fellows will serve as the inaugural cohort for the Hub and will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and OSUN leadership on setting the agenda and direction of the work.

OSUN is global in scope, with deep partnerships among diverse institutions committed to addressing global challenges collaboratively. The network seeks to integrate curricula and research across institutions in different countries. The Research Hub is a critical part of OSUN’s broader work in Eastern Africa, which includes undergraduate course offerings for displaced and host community learners as well as teacher training in these same contexts.

Research proposals should focus on one of OSUN’s Academic Themes and should situate research in the region of Eastern Africa:
*Democratic Practice
*Human Rights
*Arts and Open Society
*Global Public Health

The Hubs are also very interested in research related to pedagogical developments in marginalized settings. Fellows will receive a stipend of US $700 each month over a ten-month period. During the fellowship, recipients will be guided by an OSUN faculty member or other specialist for regular readvising and editorial input.

In addition to completing a research / writing project, fellows will support the development of OSUN’s Eastern Africa Research Hub. They will be required to participate in a monthly planning session with the Hub Leadership Team and affiliate faculty, as well as to present at least twice during the 10-month period to the OSUN Network. The fellowship will conclude with a January 2022 reflection session as well as a final presentation on the completed and publishable work.

We are prioritizing this fellowship for people from or working in Eastern Africa. Candidates should submit a resume showing their interests and experience in conducting research, two letters of reference, a writing sample of not more than 10 pages, and a one-page proposal for the research and writing they propose to complete by the end of the fellowship period. The work can include written, audio or video material. Final submissions will need to be in complete, edited, publishable form by January 2022.

The application deadline is March 19, 2021.

Please send application materials to
Remote interviews will be conducted the week of March 22nd.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the OSUN Research Fellowship 2021

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Thinkwell Institute Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship For Global Health.



Thinkwell Institute Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship For Global Health.

Young women play a foundational role in helping sustain the health and well-being of our communities, however they are often not given opportunities to activate change. The Samya Rose Stumo Fellowship for Global Health fosters a global community of young women to inspire their vision, develop their skills, incubate their ideas, and elevate their voices to become the change makers of tomorrow.

The fellowship seeks to identify and nurture young women from across the globe to co-create transformative global health projects with ThinkWell. Selected fellows will be part of a 12-month inaugural cohort designed to bring their interests and ideas to life. Fellows will work with ThinkWell experts and have access to cutting- edge resources to co-create a project idea in health systems, health advocacy, health policy, or health entrepreneurship.

Leading global health experts from ThinkWell will serve as a mentor to each fellow, directing them through the entrepreneurial process and providing critical feedback along the way. Fellows will write a summary of their learnings and findings and give a presentation after 12 months. We understand that fellows will be at varying stages of development in their area of interest, and we are committed to curate and facilitate experiences designed to bring value to each fellow. While fellows are primarily responsible for individual projects, we encourage cross-collaboration and exchange of ideas.


Thinkwell seek applications from outstandingly bright, motivated, and driven women with a burgeoning interest to explore a concept in global health. These women should be self starters,have demonstrated leadership in their communities, and have a commitment to challenge the status quo. Women should be in or have recently completed a master’s degree or higher. Initially, the fellowship will accept promising women applicants from Kenya, Indonesia,Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

How to Apply

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply online with the following:

1) CV outlining education, experience, and accomplishments

2) A letter of recommendation describing how the candidate exemplifies strong merits and commitment to the field of global health

3) Answers to the following questions about a project/initiative in health systems, health policy, health advocacy, or health entrepreneurship

  • Problem Statement: What problems do you want to address throughout the fellowship? Provide evidence of the problems with data and details (350 words max)
  • Potential Solutions: Provide a compelling explanation of the opportunity/opening/void you see in the ecosystem. Outline possible avenues you’d explore as a potential solution. If you have an established idea, please expand on it here (350 words max)
  • Impact: Explain the intended impact you hope to address by researching your problem area. What are some long-term goals? (200 words max)
  • Potential Challenges: Briefly describe any potential challenges that you may face as you explore your problem area (200words max)
  • Answers to the following questions: Which professional accomplishments to date are you proudest of? (200 words max) What are your professional goals for the next several years? (150 words max) How would this opportunity advance your goals? (150 words max)

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Thinkwell Institute Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship

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