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The West African Institute Of Public Health (WAAPH) Virtual Internship Programme



The West African Institute Of Public Health (WAAPH) Virtual Internship Programme

The West African Institute of Public Health (WAIPH) is the largest regional public health organization in the African region with a global community of over 6000 members.

The flagship semi-autonomous department of the Institute known as the West African Academy of Public Health (WAAPH) or the Academy of Public Health (APH) is focused on certifications and growing professional members’ skills and competence. Its bouquet of offerings includes an internship suite called the virtual internship programme (VIP).

The VIP is a work experience programme where the intern gains experience while working as part of a cohort and teams remotely to garner some key professional skills. The VIP is an award–winning programme which has enabled many former participants to get their footing after graduation, and find employment opportunities with solid grip in public health–related domains.

Aims and Objectives

• To improve knowledge of youths on global health information and resources.
• To strengthen leadership skills including advocacy and teamwork skills.
• To enhance health knowledge, peer conversation and healthy behaviors, nurture and strengthen career aspirations and provide guidance.

Main responsibilities and functions of Virtual Interns

All interns are expected to.
• Participate actively in the online training and commit to a minimum of two hours per week. .
• Take guided online courses from portals. .
• Have active social media accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn. .
• Promote key public health activities/ programmes on social media. .
• Participate effectively in tweet chats, interviews, articles, campaigns and meetings. .
• Bring new ideas, develop content and promote the approved material. .
• Support organizational socials by amplifying messages with communication leads. .
• Submit a written monthly report of their activities using WAAPH-VIP report template. .
• Engage, learn and be guided by notable health figures as assigned by VIP coordinator.

Key topics to be covered

• Health Literacy .
• Basic Public Health Informatics.
• Global health.
• Risk Communication.
• Concept of Planetary Health.
• Mental Health.
• Adolescent Health.
• Universal Health Coverage.
• Neglected Tropical Diseases.
• Emerging and Reemerging Diseases.
• Advocacy.
• Quality of Care.
• Social Voice Accountability.


The interns will be tasked with the following; .
• Social media advocacy on trending health issues. .
• Research and reporting on selected public health issues. .
• Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange on different health themes .
• Stepdown training in immediate communities & circles of influence.

Report Day

This would be done once in a month to report overall monthly activities to VIP Coordinator.

Benefits for the Interns

• Interns will have an edge in their career aspirations since they are recent graduates and entry level staff gearing to gain an edge in the industry. .
• Increased knowledge and expertise about requisite hands-on skills. .
• Depending on performance, past interns may be recruited as assistants or full-time staff on future projects. .
• Improved communication, broadened access to public health information and enhanced health literacy. .
• Health advocacy skill set is developed. .
• Team work and Networking: This will give interns the opportunity to form good rapport among themselves and with their mentors. .
• Institutional Reference Letter (IRL) for jobs from the Academy and Mentor, VIP Certificate of Participation (CoP) and Certified Graduate Membership of the Academy would be issued. (The latter would be based on performance and at the discretion of the Executive Director of the Academy of the West African Institute of Public Health) .

Applicant Profile.

Recent graduates, between the ages of 20-30 (within 2-year post-graduation window) who have the passion to make a difference in the lives of people with a good grasp of English language and Information Technology are encouraged to apply.


Interested applicants should send mail expressing their Interest, Subject: “VIP Application” and a CV (PDF format: 2-page max) as attachment to;

Application Deadline: 8th February

NB: NGOs may recommend applicants for the programme from their entry level staff or current interns for the programme.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the WAAPH Virtual Internship Programme 2021.

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Transnet Young Professional In Training Programme For Young South Africans.



Transnet Young Professional In Training Programme For Young South Africans.

The purpose of the Young Professional in Training (YPT) position is to increase the available pool of resources and skills within the ICT Department first focusing mainly on Mobile Champion role. The programme is scheduled to run for 2 years where the YPT will also be exposed to other related ICT activities.

Training Elements

  1. Key Focus Areas:
    The YPT will be provided with the following training and/or exposure:
    • Attend TPL Quarterly Cost Meetings and ICT Cost Management Meetings
    • Prepare/create SAP purchase requisitions for invoices and procurement of items as required by CIO and management of
    the ICT functions, etc.
    • Verify contractor timesheets and hourly rate charged against contract and invoice billed
    • Ensure accuracy and timeous processing of ICT invoices from ICT service providers for payment by Finance
    • Ensure cost baselines are signed off for ICT services
    • Process payment of project costs to appropriate project sanction number
    • Liaise with ICT service providers on outstanding invoices to timeously resolve queries, etc.
    • Liaise with Procurement and Finance Depts. on issues relating to ICT budget and processing of ICT invoices
    • Ensure all invoices on statements for ICT vendors are addressed timeously and approved by responsible ICT
    • Investigate invoice queries, prepare and ensure accruals are raised for work completed in that month in reference to the
    Purchase Order issued
    • Cost Management – prepare and capture budget on SAP and monitor departmental Operating and Capital Budgets
    • Track actual postings on each GL against budgeted cash flows and report on any deviations and correct misallocations
    • Review telephone expenses, print costs for departments and address concerns as well as administering and monitoring all
    ICT departmental telephone usage and cost
    • Prepare journal for Business Connexion copy charges against TPL cost centers
    • Monitor and set reminder for the renewal of ICT Software Licenses and follow up with responsible personnel for proper
    documentation for renewals
    • Managing ICT SAP Contracts and set reminder for renewal
    • Extraction of SAP figures and preparation of Opex and Capex Financial reports on a monthly basis
    • Maintain a well-organized and easily referenced filling system for invoices and financial reports
    • Other related ICT activities as assigned from time to time by the line manager/mentor

Formal Training (depending on the interest of the YPT):
• Operating Cost Budget Training
• SAP Controlling-Management Accounting (Cost Centre training)
Additional training will be determined based on requirements

Periodic Feedback:
The YPT’s will each be required to deliver a 6 monthly presentation on tasks and/or projects they were involved in and training during that period. The Young Professional in Training will also provide insight into the experience, knowledge and skills developed as a result of the exposure gained during their time at TPL.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Transnet Young Professional in Training Programme 2021

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