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See Unilorin Post UTME Past Questions And Answers



University Of Ilorin (UNILORIN) Remedial/Pre-Degree Admission List For 2020/2021

Are you looking for admission into Unilorin and you are worried about how you can scale through with the Post UTME Screening Exams and how to get Unilorin Post UTME past questions and answers? I think this article is just for you.

In this article, we have put down all the relevant information you need on how to get Unilorin Post UTME, steps on how you can apply and most especially samples of Unilorin Past Questions and their answers.

Therefore, if you are in search of Unilorin past questions, cut off mark, and link on how you can get the form, this article gives you all you need.

Quickly scroll below to see the table of content, maybe you can click on any one you want.

About Unilorin

The University of Ilorin is also known as Unilorin, which is a university in the state of Kwara, located in the capital Ilorin, hence its name. Unilorin is owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria and was established in 1975. There are 16 colleges in Unilorin and at least 62 departments. Generic Modafinil online

Although there is much to say about this great institution, I will stop here and move on to the main topic of discussion, which is what you should know before moving on and applying for any program at Unilorin.

However, there are two ways to obtain admission to study to obtain a first degree at the University of Ilorin, the first by direct admission and the other by UME, that is, through JAMB and post UTME.

Unilorin Nature of Admission Screening 2020

The admission screening exercise in Unilorin lasts for some weeks. It comes in two different stages which are always important.

First Stage: Students who applied to study in the school are to proceed for the pre-screening exercise when once it is being announced.

Note, documents like SSCE result and JAMB registration print out are required for this exercise.

Most Importantly, It is often important that a candidate arrive early and locate his/her screening venue early. Candidates will be screen on the JAMB scores and their SSCE results.

Second Stage: The second phase of the screening is after the admission lists might have been released. However, Candidates who have merited the admission will be invited for another screening exercise. Levitra 20 mg online

Note, you are expected to be at the screening center 2-4 hours before their scheduled time with the above printouts and be decently dressed inline with the University of Ilorin Dress Code.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

The Unilorin post UTME Screening exam is for aspirants or students who choose Unilorin as their first choice in JAMB.

Secondly, the student must have made 180 marks in Jamb and must have at least 5 credits in your O’level.

However, students who obtained a higher score than the required cut mark will receive higher admission and preference in the admission process than those who obtained an accurate cut mark.

What are the Requirements for Unilorin post Utme screening?

Note, to be able to get the post UTME Form that will qualify you for the screening exercise, you must ensure you get the following requirements ready to avid been disappointed.

  • 180 score in JAMB
  • Your O’level results uploaded.
  • Have at least 5 credits in your O’level subjects
  • Email and phone number.
  • Most importantly, have Unilorin as your first choice.

How much is Unilorin Post UTME screening form?

Just like other School’s post UTME, the price for buying Unilorin Post UTME form is N2000. Note, the bank charges which might be N200 – N500 is excluded form the N200 and you can make payment with your master or Visa Card.

What is Unilorin Post UTME screening exams Cut-off Mark like

Following the abolition of UTME after the UTME by the federal government, the Joint Admission and Registration Council (JAMB) granted a benchmark of 180 and university applicants, the College of Applied Arts, colleges of education. To date, the University of Illorin has followed suit in 180 generic JAMB brands.

You can ask questions like: Did I have 180 or more, but were not accepted to study the required course?

Note, Candidates with higher scores are considered first, in the basics of admission, candidates with low scores may not be accepted even though they can reach severe scores 180. In fact, the higher their score, the greater the chances If accepted.

Departmental Cut-off Mark

The University of Ilorin does not really have a specific cut off mark for courses. However, candidates who have scored a minimum of one 180 in UME examination is eligible to apply for admission into any of their choice courses.

However, due to the high number of students wishing to study at the University of Ilorin, the admission processes are competitive and an admission is given based on JAMB score and O level grades.

Below are courses offered in the university as well as their cut off mark;

  • (Aquaculture and Fisheries) 180
  • Agric 180
  • Food Science 180
  • Home Economics 180
  • Forestry and Wildlife 180
  • Arabic 180
  •  English 180
  • French 180
  • History and International Studies 180
  • Linguistics 180
  • Yoruba 180
  • Hausa 180
  • Igbo 180
  • Performing Arts 180
  • Christian Studies 180
  • Islamic Studies 180
  •  Comparative Religious Studies 180
  • Pharmacy 230
  •  (Ed.) Social Studies 180
  •  (Ed.) Economics Education 180
  • Geography Education 180
  • Social Studies 180
  • Educational Technology 180
  • Computer Science 180
  •  Technology Education 180
  • Health Education 180
  • Primary Education Studies 180
  • B. Ed Adult Education Studies 180
  • Counsellor Education 180
  • Educational Management 180
  • Business Education 180
  • Human Kinetics Education 180

Others include

  • Biology Education 180
  • Chemistry Education 180
  • Maths Education 180
  • Physics Education 180
  • Agriculture 180
  • Arabic Education 180
  • (Ed.) Christian Studies Education 180
  •  English Education 180
  • French Education 180
  • History Education 180
  •  Islamic Studies Education 180
  • Yoruba Education 180
  • Water Resources and Environmental Engineering 180
  • Computer Engineering 200
  • Food Science and Technology 180
  • Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering 180
  • Civil Engineering 200
  • Mechanical Engineering 200
  • Electrical Engineering 200
  • Chemical Engineering 200
  • (Metallurgical Engineering) 180
  • (Biomedical Engineering) 180
  • Architecture 180
  • Estate Management 180
  • Quantity Surveying 180
  • Surveying and Geo-informatics 180
  • Urban and Regional Planning 180
  •  DVM 190
  • LL.B. Common Law 240
  • LL.B. Common & Islamic Law 220
  • Anatomy 200
  • Physiology 200
  • MBBS 235
  • Nursing Science 210
  • Computer Science 200
  • Mass Communication 220
  • Information and Communication Science 180
  • Library and Information Science 180
  • Telecommunication Science 180
  • Doctor of Optometry 190
  • Bio-Chemistry 200
  • Microbiology 200
  • Plant Biology 180
  •  Zoology 180
  • Industrial Chemistry 180
  • (Applied Geophysics) 180
  • Chemistry 180
  • Physics 180
  • Geology & Mineral Science 180
  • Mathematics 180
  • Statistics 180
  • Finance 200
  • Marketing 180
  • Industrial Relations & Personnel Management 180
  • Public Administration 180
  • Accounting 200
  • Business Administration 200
  • Psychology 180
  • Social Work 180
  • Criminology and Security Studies 190
  • Economics 210
  • Geography 180
  • Political Science 200
  •  Sociology 190.

How can I apply for the Unilorin Post UTME screening Exams?

I know you might be asking yourself how can I apply for Unilorin post UTME Exams? There is a step to step guide on how you can apply successfully.

But you have to be very careful in order not to make mistakes because any mistake you make can deny you the chance of getting admission.

  1. Visit the website instruction.php

  2. Click on pre-Admission Screening Registration

  3. Get more detail

    Then click on the nGET Details button to access your jamb profile.

  4. Make Payment

    You can make payment by clicking on the MAKE PAYMENT LINK to generate remita. Note, you can make payment with your ATM card

Very importantly, do not log out or refresh the payment page to avoid having to make the payment twice.

How can I Download UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Like I said earlier, the cost of the newly updated UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is 2,000.00 naira only for four subject’s combination.

For instance, if you are writing for UNILORIN Post UTME for Arts, you will be required to purchase at least four subjects which are;

  • Use of English
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Government

The course selection in the Post UTME exams depends on the subjects you wrote in JAMB.

UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Samples

  1. A laborer is paid N5, 400:00k per month. What is his total salary in 1 3/4years? • 113,40:00 • 64,800:00 • N97,200:00 • N129,600:00 ANSWER: A •

2. Which of the following will sink when placed on water? • Ball • Plastic Cup • Balloon • Eraser ANSWER: D •

3. A boy buys a biscuit for N4 and sells it at a profit of 20%. Find the actual price and the selling price? • i =N1.00k, ii = N5.00k • i = 60k, ii = N4.40k • i = 80k, ii = N4.80k • i = 50k, ii = N4.50k ANSWER: C •

4. A man buys a recharge card for N500. He sells it for N430. What is the percentage loss? • 7% • 9%

5. An example of a confluence town in Nigeria is…………………………….. • Onitsha • Obudu • Lokoja • Port Harcourt ANSWER: C •

6. A trained person that specializes in the treatment of diseases and disorders of the teeth is called……………. • Cardiologist • Dermatologist • Physician • Dentist ANSWER: D

7. A bricklayer is Paid N1000:00k for 5days work. What is his pay for 22days work? • N22,000:00k • N50,000:00k • N4,400:00k • N5,000:00k ANSWER: C •

8. In a parliamentary system of government, members of the parliament are required to report the proceedings of the house to their………………………… • Local government chairman and governors • Constituencies • Political parties and party stalwarts • Traditionalrulers ANSWER: B

9. One essential duty of a citizen to his/her state is to……………………… • Vote and support the government in power • Recite the national anthem and the pledge • Pay his tax • Encourage other citizens to be loyal ANSWER: C

10. Under whose regime were Delta and Adamawa States created? (a)Gen Sanni Abacha (b)Gen yakubu Gowon (c)Gen Murtala Muhammed (d)Gen Ibrahim Babangida ANSWER: D

11. The body charged with the responsibility of regulating and protecting consumers against illicit foods and drugs in Nigeria

  • Consumer protection council
  • Standard Organization of Nigeria
  • National Drug Law Enforcement agency
  • National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control ANSWER: D

12. The senate president during the second republic was……………………. (a)Dr. Joseph Wayas (b)Senator Anyim Pius Anyim (c)Senator Iyorchia Ayu (d)Chief Adopous Wabara ANSWER: A

13. We eat Carbohydrate food to give us…………………….. (a)Energy (b)Good sight (c)Good teeth (d)Strong bones ANSWER: A

14. President Barrack Obama is the………………president of the United States of America and first African-American president of U.S. (a) 5 th (b) 4 th (c)40th (d)39th ANSWER: B

15. A large area of water surrounded by land is called………………………………… (a)A dam (b)An Island (c)An Is berg (d)A lake ANSWER: D

16. The major raw material for pottery is……………………….. (a)Metal (b)Ceramics (c)Cement (d) Clay ANSWER: D •

17. If the total sales for a bag shop in a certain year were #150, 000What were sales in July, if July sales were half the monthly average?
  • 6,250
  • 8,650
  • 12,500
  • 7,550 ANSWER: A

18. At a basket match, Roland was sitting in seat 356. Peter on the right of Roland in seat 355. Samuel was on the left of Roland. Samson was by the left of Samuel. Which seat is Samson sitting? A) 354 B) 357 C) 358 D) 353 ANSWER: A

19. While preparing for the post jamb aptitude test, Felix read through pages 35 to 78 and 102 to 127 of an English textbook. How many pages did he read altogether? 58

  • 15
  • 70
  • 68
  • 64 ANSWER: B

20. How many numbers between 1 and 60 begin or end with 5

  • 5
  • 87
  • 15
  • 18 ANSWER: C

Why you should get the Unilorin Past Question paper

Basically, Unilorin is a highly competitive university. Only a little portion of the total number of students who apply to the university gains admission. The secret to the selection of the successful student is the Past Questions.

Thus, we have discovered that over the years, Unilorin repeats their past questions. If you get this Past question, you will be better equipped to pass the Unilorin Post-UTME in one sitting and be among those selected for admission.

Therefore, we have gathered past questions and answers dating as far back as the year 2010 and have discovered that most of the questions are repeated.

So, we are assuring you that the questions you get when you purchase this Unilorin Past Questions and Answers are real past questions that you will likely encounter on the exam day.

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University Of Ibadan (UI) Admission List For 2020/2021



University Of Ibadan (UI) Admission List For 2020/2021

Following the release of the University of Ibadan, UI Departmental Cut-Off Marks for the 2020/2021 academic session admission exercise, the management of the university also released the admission list for the session.

University of Ibadan, UI admission list contains the names of candidates offered provisional admission into various degree programmes of the university for the 2020/2021 academic session.

How to Check University of Ibadan Admission List

Currently, UI prospective students can only access their admission status on the JAMB admission status checking portal by following the procedure outlined below:

  1. Go to the JAMB admission portal at
  2. Login to your Jamb profile with your username and password.
  3. Scroll down then locate and click the ‘Check Admission Status‘ tab.
  4. Select your Exam year and enter your registration number in the required column.
  5. Finally, click on ‘Check Admission Status‘ to access your UI admission status.

Candidates successfully admitted into the University of Ibadan (UI) first degree programmes are advised to:

  • Login to their JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) and ACCEPT or REJECT their admission.
  • Print their JAMB admission letter after accepting the admission.
  • Print their original JAMB result slip (this comes with passport photography affixed to it).
  • Apply for a change of course on the JAMB Portal in case they are offered courses different from the ones they initially applied for.

Candidates not yet admitted should note that admission is in progress, and regularly check the JAMB site and the University website for their admission status.

You will be able to follow the procedure outlined below once the list is uploaded on the university website.

  1. Go to UI admission portal at
  2. Login with your username and password to access your UI admission status.

Congratulations to all the candidates that made it to the UI admission list for the 2020/2021 academic session.

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